ANDRO Underwear

ANDRO is a visualized underwear company created for a project in which I was instructed to develop my own set of brand guidelines and adhere to them as if I were starting a company from the ground up. During this process, I created a primary and secondary wordmark with an associated symbol as well as a functioning visual system that was then applied to packages, advertisements, social media, and other collateral necessary for a brand. With the company being rooted in breaking the gender binary, I felt it necessary to create a branding system that helped evoke this bold focal point by using both symbolism and colorful patterns. The wordmark itself is reminiscent of a female and male gender sign combined together, this piece creates the ‘O’. The other open letterforms allude to the idea of openness while still conveying the name of the brand eligibly. With a tagline of “follow your arrow”, I decided to base certain aspects of the package design around this idea. The triangular shape of the packages was intentionally constructed to mimic the arrows found in the logo system. Using bold patterns and eye-catching colors, I hoped to achieve a sense of the stark power one may have when living their truth. 

The Pitch: “ANDRO specializes in creating underwear for all individuals regardless of their gender. Breaking the gender binary and pushing the boundaries of what is considered “acceptable”—we are a company dedicated to letting you, be you (and comfortably so). In addition to resisting the stereotypes found in this society, ANDRO welcomes all individuals regardless of their orientation, body-size, skin color, cultural background, etc. We have something for everyone and all we use are sizes, no male/ female categories.”